Tell us why you'd like to join Empyreal Knights. We're a friendly group, but like to use our event time efficiently. We take turns working on empyrean weapons, generally 5-10 pops per week, and the other members in turn take turns completing AF3+2 pieces with the drops from the empyrean mobs.

Our "official" event nights are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10PM EDT-12:00AM, but often have optional or impromptu events other nights at that time (including Dynamis, KSNMs etc).

We are not really looking for members who are new to Abyssea, but don't require or expect you to be an elitest level 99 PLD with stage II Almace, ochain and Aegis either. Just a competent player who likes to get stuff done and have fun doing it.
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