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Our underground monster-killing heroes from the original Tremors have split up. Soured that everyone else profited from Graboids-mania, <a href=">Fred Ward &quot;re-enlists&quot; to battle a new breed of Mexican Graboids.
Battling a life depression, Earl Bassett is offered a job as a mercenary to help a Mexican oil company with a Graboid epidemic that&#39;s killing more people each day. However, the humans aren&#39;t the only ones with a new battle plan..
This movie was OK not as good as the first. It had it&#39;s moments with Burt using that 4 Pounds of C4. And his Truck. Grady was good in this movie towards the end. Earl needed a Haircut badly he looked like the biggest scrub. The girl wasn&#39;t good looking like they said she was. Well i give 8 out of 10 stars. I recommend it if you liked the first one.
This isn&#39;t the worst horror movie sequel ever and I do appreciate the fact that they tried to change it up a little, this is still a pretty terrible movie that just fails to capture the feel of the first one. First off, they try way too hard to be funny. In the first one, the humor spoke for itself. They didn&#39;t to try and make it funny. It realized it was stupid and that&#39;s why it was good. Here, the attempts at comedy are painful and it all falls flat. Secondly, the acting is not very good. Granted they get better as the movie goes on, but in the first thirty minutes, every line of dialogue is delivered in this corny over the top way. It gets old real fast. Lastly, the filmmakers decided to introduce a sidekick to make up for the lack of Kevin Bacon. And they picked just about the most annoying sidekick they could find. Everything he does is stupid and annoying. The entire film I wanted him to eaten so I wouldn&#39;t have to endure his idiocy. Skip this sub-par sequel and go watch Halloween again. You&#39;ll have made the right decision.

While everyone else made money on the battle of Earl Bassett (<a href="/name/nm0911542/">Fred Ward</a>) and Valentine &quot;Val&quot; McKee (<a href="/name/nm0000102/">Kevin Bacon</a>) against four giant, carnivorous, underground graboids—that is, everyone except Earl Bassett. Earl decides to accept an offer to come to Mexico and help the Petromaya oil refinery eradicate a bunch of graboids that are killing their workers. The fact that Petromaya is willing to pay $50,000 for each graboid killed, with a $100,000 bonus if he can capture one alive, is a huge motivator. Earl teams up with enthusiastic admirer Grady Hoover (<a href="/name/nm0308651/">Chris Gartin</a>), and the two of them set out to blow up graboids by tricking them into swallowing dynamite-rigged, remote-controlled toy cars. Their ploy works, until the graboids metamorph into above-ground &quot;shriekers&quot;, and survivalist Burt Gummer (<a href="/name/nm0343447/">Michael Gross</a>) shows up with a truckload of high explosives. Tremors 2: Aftershock is a sequel to <a href="/title/tt0100814/">Tremors (1990)</a> (1990), which was based on a screenplay developed by American screenwriters S.S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, and Ron Underwood, who also wrote the screenplay for Tremors 2, which was followed by <a href="/title/tt0259685/">Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001)</a> (2001), a prequel <a href="/title/tt0334541/">Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)</a> (2004), <a href="/title/tt4180514/">Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)</a> (2015) and a short-lived TV series &#39;<a href="/title/tt0327375/">Tremors (2003)</a>&#39; (2003). The only characters to return are Earl Bassett and Burt Gummer. Valentine and Heather are shown in photographs. Val, Heather, and Walter are mentioned in dialogue. Early in the movie, Earl tells Grady and Señor Ortega (<a href="/name/nm0875641/">Marcelo Tubert</a>) that Val married a &quot;good woman&quot; (presumably Rhonda LeBeck (<a href="/name/nm0141617/">Finn Carter</a>), the seismology student from the first movie, and refused to go on another hunt for graboids. Burt first tells Earl that Heather (<a href="/name/nm0005207/">Reba McEntire</a>) is visiting with her sister, but later admits that she is not coming back. He can tell because she asked him to send her the HK91. Realizing that the graboids trapped inside the storage garage are feasting on the golosinas dulce (sweet snack food) stored there and that they will soon be popping out little graboids, Earl comes up with a plan. He sprays himself with the cold foam from a CO2 fire extinguisher then enters the garage to get the bombs out of Burt&#39;s truck. The graboids, being attracted only by heat, don&#39;t notice him until Earl starts to melt. He grabs a bomb and climbs higher in the garage while Grady lowers him a fire hose to climb out. &quot;Run!&quot; Earl shouts as he climbs out. &quot;I set a bomb!&quot; Earl, Grady, Burt, and Kate (<a href="/name/nm0001726/">Helen Shaver</a>) run for cover, diving into a trench just as the bomb goes off, flattening the refinery and killing all the shriekers.. As they walk away, Earl agrees to stay with Kate a bit longer in Mexico, and Grady adds up the money they made: $50,000 × 28 worms, enough to start up Grady and Earl&#39;s Monster World theme park. Earl declines, but Grady reminds him that this could be his big, third chance. He was intended to be in the second film, but Kevin Bacon declined; thus began a tradition of a different character filling his role in every installment. According to director S.S. Wilson, he called Kevin Bacon and asked him for the role. Kevin Bacon replied saying &quot;Actually, I think I will do it!&quot;, but he never followed up. This is most likely because Bacon was filming Apollo 13 at the same time this film was in production.
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